By Bus


 Savadori Navigazione offers you the possibility for a bus tour on the Island of Lipari,  to discover the innermost places and to admire the most suggestive little villages of this archipelago.  It lasts an hour and 15 minutes and you will be accompained by an english speaking guide 

During the panoramic tour, the bus stops twice, for about 5 minutes, on Lipari island’s scenic overlooks. On these beautiful terraces you have time to buy souvenirs, take a picture or simply enjoy the spectacle of the nature.

The first stop is at “Quattrocchi”, the name comes from the opinion according to which  two eyes are not enough to admire such rare beauty.

On the horizon,  a spread of limpid sea water, you can admire the beauty of Etna’s slopes, the big crater of the island of Vulcano and the wonderful Faraglioni of Lipari.  Even more, you will pass by the little hamlets of Lipari that generate curiosity to the tourists for their strange names forged  through the years by stories mixed to legends as: Pianoconte, Acqua Calda, Quatro Pani ect.

The second terrace is called " Cinque isole" because it gives the opportunity to   enjoy  the view of 5 amazing islands: panarea and  stromboli on one side, alicudi and filicudi on the other side, Salina just in front.

This guided tour gives you the chance to be absorbed  in the wild, untouched Aeolian nature; getting lost among the picturesque architecture influenced by the Greek and Arab colonization. Go through the ancient Vulcan’s craters that have forged, during the time and with their activity, jagged coast lines, creating the famous pumice stones quarries, without forgetting the obsidian castings. The black obsidian stone was used since the paleolithic age for hunting and by the primitives for shaving, this thanks to its composition rich of silicate ions which makes vireous and sharp to the touch.

 This tour also gives you the chance to see the cappers and Malvasia plantations, the two typical products of the archipelago.

The tour offers you much more…. Don’t lose the opportunity to discover the most hidden corners not visible to all the tourists



Quattrocchi - Obsidian stone, pomice stone, quartz, hematite - Panorama - Capper's flower




By Boat



The boat tour last about 1 hour and discovers the west coast of Vulcano and Lipari.

The boat trip starts on the arrival at lipari.We will sail at a reduced speed and at a minimum distance to the coast ,to enable the passengers, to take photo’s of the numerous bays which are only accesable by boat.

We will sail through the famous “FARAGLIONI DI LIPARI”, the route that Ulisse sailed; we willsee the famous rock “LA MUMMIA”(the  mummy) in a obelisk form.

We will pass under the “SCOGLIO DI PAPA GIOVANNI” and discover the “GROTTA DELL CAVALLO” and even…. The “FARAGLIONI DELLE SIRENE” of the vulcano.

These beautiful places on this short excursion are countless and very charming.

The most enchanting for the passengers are the MAJESTY OF THE ROCKS and the VOLCANIC FORMATIONS, the changing colours of aeolian sea, the intensity of the blue water, the red iron oxide that covers the coast, with the yellow of the sulfur.You will be absorbed by a rainbow of emotions.

This journey, through spectacular views, will be accompanied by an English speaking guide who will tell legends and stories of the enchanted places.





Venus' Pool - Hourse' s Grotte - Vulcano - Faraglioni Lipari