Aeolian Islands - Lipari


On this section of the site, that will take you to discover the archipelago, you will not find information that can easily be found on internet, but will be told the stories passed on from generation to generation through the years, curiosities, folklore and legends that have made these islands immortal. 

The Aeolian Island, called also Lipari, are administratively part of the province of Messina, so part of the Sicilian region.

They are in total 7 and all of volcanic origin.

In this part of the Mediterranean sea, more than anywhere else, history and legends come together giving rise to extraordinary stories, as the one of Aeolus, the God of the winds, who baptizes the islands given them the name of Aeolian.

According to the Greek mythology, the lord of the winds used to live here, on the island of Lipari with his twelve children: six males and six females  whom  marry between themselves.


It is no coincidence that the Aeolian Island are Italy’s  most windy islands and always for this reason that the archipelago remains many times  isolated, in the truest sense of the word, during the winter, when the lashing  winds make impossible the hydrofoils and ships docking.    


The sailors of Ancient Greece , aware of the residence of Aeolus on these islands, they relied on the smoke plume that constantly comes out the mouth of the vulcan Stromboli to understand the direction of the wind

The smoke that covers the Siara del Fuoco and that caused bad visibility it was sirocco wind


Now we know, that the smoke that frames this Island, is produced by the explosions that occur every 15/20 minutes.

So that’s the reason why the eolia Islands are called liked that. But why what about Lipari then?

Lipari, in addition to being the biggest Island of the archipelago, it is also the premises of the city hall and it is was  on this Island that Liparo, Ausonious’  son, that was Odysseus’ son, came to live. It was Liparo who took the art of agriculture on the island.  Therefore, even the name of every Island has a story.


The biggest island with its 37.5 km2 of land , 12.000  inhabitants, 3 high schools , 2 ports, 1 cathedral, 1 museum,1 pumice stone cave and a overlooks the most charming in south Italy.

This last one is called Quattrocchi because it is said that  two eyes are not enough to admire such rare beauty. On the horizon, a spread of limpid sea water, you can admire the beauty of Etna’s slopes, the big crater of the island of Vulcano and the wonderful Faraglioni of Lipari

The local legends that, from generation to generation, have reached us are numerous. Homer in the Odyssey, represents the Island of Lipari with the name of Eea : Circe’s island. Once arrived here, Ulysses , fallen in love with Circe, stayed with her for many year and had even some children, but as soon he left, in a fit of anger. Circe  dedicated herself to the  magical arts. With all the hate that had in her heart,  she cast a spell against the Faraglioni of Lipari,  so that whoever would have passed through them would  sink.