Who we are.

The Savadori Navigazione is a relatively young company, it was established in 2004.

The idea came  in the 1970’s by Nicola Comerci who with a 50 people boat proposed to his clients a touristic fishing trip, whilst having  a spaghetti dinner on board along the Coast of Gods.

A few decades later, Antonio Comerci, Nicola’s son, and his wife Irene Marvulli, leave their job that brought them to emigrate in Emilia Romagna, to investing in Calabria.

With their wealth of experience in the gastronomic and touristic sector of the Romagna region they set up the Savadori Navigazione together with their children Mirco, Marianna and Sara.

The idea is to continue the legacy of his father Nicola but also to promote tourism in Calabria.

Antonio puts a lot of faith on the work force of his children, by playing Mirco at the command of the motor ship Magic Panarea with his wife Angela as german speaking guide and translator, Marianna as hostess on board and Sara as organizational responsible for the new motor ship Summer Breeze.

To this day Antonio and Irene are head of a motivated and enterprising crew.

What distinguishes our company, our passengers have said, are the skills, the commitment and the friendliness